Biome International is just a year old but we take pride in partnering with O P Industry which has 60 years of operation in Jute manufacturing and trading. Therefore, you can understand that we have a well-skilled and experienced unit which specializes in jute bag manufacturing. With our team’s dedication, timeless efforts and a passion to excel, our company aims to go a long way to achieve a scorching success in this field.



We provide our customers with lots of different products like jute bags, jute rugs and carpet and other jute products for industrial usages.We are always willing to walk that “extra mile” to provide our customers with the best kinds of jute products.

  • Just within a year, we have earned a huge appreciation among our customers all over the world.
  • We are truly driven by a “madness” called passion to pursue excellence.
  • Despite being just a year old, we have got the expert assistance of age-old skilled people and business partners.
  • We are constantly encouraging our team to deliver excellence.
  • We don’t compromise with professionalism, productivity,
    consistency, trends and last but not the least, the application of industry best practices




Additionally, we would like to light upon our manufacturing and quality control department. Our unity is highly enriched with a team of specially trained and expert workers. Each product we manufacture, go through a comprehensive inspection, functional and quality checks. We ensure that every step our production process is powered by our uncompromising quality assurance team.

let’s have a look at what’s actually happening here at BioMe International

BioMe International has an extensive range of skills and hands-on experience in manufacturing and marketing a vast range of jute products across the globe. Our aim revolves around preserving the antique soul of jute works while creating a wide variety of modern jute  products. It’s like painting a pretty picture of the contemporary lifestyle with a vintage color brush.

All our jute products are personalized for our clients and we focus on their preferences of:




*Laminated/ non-laminated bags



Our love for mother nature and love for the humankind shines through our products.